Land North of Church Road, Bacton

Latest news

In October 2017, following consultation with the local community, Endurance Estates submitted a planning application for the development of up to 81 new homes at land north of Church Road, Bacton. Mid Suffolk District Council refused permission for this scheme and Endurance Estates has subsequently lodged an appeal. The appeal will be heard by way of a public local Inquiry, which is scheduled to commence on 11 June 2019 (venue to be confirmed).

Alternative Scheme

As part of the appeal process, Endurance Estates has prepared an alternative scheme and has submitted this to the Planning Inspectorate. The alternative scheme is intended to form the basis of discussion at the Inquiry. If accepted by the Inspector, the alternative scheme may form the basis for any planning permission which may be granted.

The changes are summarised below:

  • The amount of development is reduced to up to 66 dwellings. As with the original proposals, 35% of these dwellings will be designated as affordable housing.
  • Less of the site will be developed and more public open space will be provided to the east of the site as a result. This will create a larger setback to the Bacton Manor listed building which lies to the east of the site.
  • The vehicular access is relocated to Wyverstone Road.
  • A foot and cycle route is provided, to link the site to Church Road.

The following plans together form the alternative scheme (click to download):

Endurance Estates’ planning consultant, Pegasus Group, ran a consultation on the alternative scheme from 17 September 2018 to 19 October 2018. All comments have been collated and will be presented to both Mid Suffolk District Council and the Inspector. There will also be an opportunity to speak at the forthcoming public inquiry.